Thursday, December 25, 2008

My First FHA Refinance on My First Blog

This is the story of an FHA refinance with my first blog and my first dog. The 5% rate for FHA refinance without and appraisal is helpful in these trying economic times. You may not have an appraisal and be upside down like the clown standing on his head at the circus and this is not a problem for the FHA streamline refinance. I and my dog are well pleased with the FHA streamlined refinance. My dog does not understand FHA underwriting. My dog does not understand FHA appraisals. I do have more money for dogfood since the FHA underwriting for an FHA streamline refinance does not require and appraisal to get your rate down to 5%.

FHA streamlined refinancing

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Florida Short Sales Are Back in Vogue

Did Florida short sales ever go out of style? Let me ask that another way. If you were a Florida short sale and you worked for Wells Fargo or Countrywide, would you consider getting a tan like Angelo Mozillo?

The tan man of short sales is back in style. You may have been looking for foreclosure or short sale secret loss mitigation numbers. This is a common short sale or foreclosure search term and unfortunately you ended up on a psychopaths blog who types Florida short sale and secret loss mitigation numbers quite a lot. Throw is a tan man of short sales and you have a blog post.

Florida is a loss mitigation symposium.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Explain the FHA Short Refinance to me again please!

Allrighty then, one more time to answer the question of the FHA Short Refinance problemo. The main issues surround the ideology of the mortgage lender that has the loan now. While FHA thinks the lender will short the payoff and this happens from time to time, the majority of lenders with an FHA short refinance qualified borrower will not short the payoff.

This is the problem with the FHA refinancing taking place. The mortgage lender must short the refinancing balance for this FHA short refinance and we are still gathering data on the subject. Your FHA short refinance experiences may vary.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Why Short Refinance with FHA?

If you want to keep your home, but don't have enough equity to get into an FHA refinance loan, you have tried a loan modification or normal FHA refinance and it didn't work, then an FHA short refinance is your answer. You may be able to get your LTV (loan to value) right where you need it to be in order to qualify for an FHA refinance! It's a well known fact that there are companies out there that will do foreclosure bailouts, but the main draw back is that the LTV needs to be between 50% - 60%, with most lenders tightening there belts down to the 50% notch. Most homeowners have LTV's between the 75% - 100+% range. The problem with this is that most lenders won't accept them unless it is an FHA short refinance. Therefore, by negotiating an FHA short-refi with your current lender, you can obtain a short payoff of less than the full amount owed, getting your LTV where it is needed to refinance your home with FHA. Thus, also creating equity in your home, where before you had little or none and that makes the FHA happy as well.

FHA short refinance is the way to go.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fabulous Article on FHA Short Refinances

I've been thinking that more should be written about the FHA short refinance program. This is the refinance vehicle for borrowers who are short funds to close on a new FHA loan; hence, the name FHA short refinance.

Quite interstingly, the FHA short refinance loans has been discussed at a few places. My thoughts are that this post will rank high in the search engines for the terms FHA Short Refinance.

Let's look into the FHA short refi (or refinance) at a later date.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Calling Beth, Bobby, Brandy, Brenda, Brett, and Brian to the Mortgage SDOmain and Loan Website

WWW.BETHLOANS.NET is a Beth type of mortgage lending site while WWW.BOBBYLOANS.COM is for a mortgage broker named Bobby.

WWW.BRANDYLOANS.COM is a suitable domain name for Brandy who may be a loan officer at the local bank. And of course WWW.BRENDADOESLOANS.COM and WWW.BRENDALOANS.COM are for Brenda the mortgage lady and also WWW.BRENDASLOANS.COM calls for the Brenda mortgage loan too.

Lastly we have Brian and Brett who are up to mortgage loan websites that have Brian and Brett and do lending or loans. You can find Brett at WWW.BRETTSLOANS.COM and Brian can apply for a loan at a website with teh name Brian in it like WWW.BRIANSLOANS.COM

Mortgage Domains are everywhere around the internet and mortgage loans that begin with the letter 'A' are also plentiful. The mortgage important facet of mortgage lending websites for the originators is that the mortgage domain or website should have a personal name and use the word: loans or loan.

Avoid the mortgage bank and get your bank referrals whenever possible online. Thank you for listening to mortgage websites and mortgage domain names for a bit. Goodbye for now.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preapprove Short Sale

There has been much discussion about the existence of preapprove short sale and I thought I would take a moment to define the terms preapprove short sale by first beginning with some definitions.

pre·ap·prove (pr-prv):

tr.v. pre·ap·proved, pre·ap·prov·ing, pre·ap·proves To approve or qualify before the usual procedures or formalities have taken place: preapprove an application; a customer who was preapproved for a $2,000 credit line.

Short Sale:

A sale of a house in which the proceeds fall short of what the owner still owes on the mortgage. Many lenders will agree to accept the proceeds of a short sale and forgive the rest of what is owed on the mortgage when the owner cannot make the mortgage payments.

The preapprove short sale as you can see from above is one that has an approval in advance on real estate selling for less than the mortgage debt. For more information on preapproved short sales check the short sale preapproval site.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

FHA Manual the 4155

I found the fha manual online. It is a PDF version of the fha 4155.1 or 4155. There have since been some reviews of the FHA handbook around the internet. The FHA Manual is also called the FHA Handbook. All in all it is an extraordinary FHA rule that all FHA mortgage loans are covered by direct endorsement underwriter's interpretation of the FHA 4155.1

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Judgment or Judgement

Let's define judgment (or judgement).

Official decision of a court given at the end of a trial. In civil cases, a judgment determines the respective rights and claims of the parties involved. In criminal cases, judgment includes the pronouncement of guilt (or its absence) and, if the defendant is convicted, the sentence. A judgment may also include the reasoning forming the basis of the court's decision. It may be cited as an authority, and treated as a precedent for other similar cases. Also called order. Also spelled as judgement.

This is an interesting subject and we will get to the deficiency judgment protion of the foreclosure aspect of this study soon. For now, keep in mind that a judgment is not a good thing if you are the defendant but it is a postitive thing for the plaintiff creditor in a foreclosure action. That is if they are the prevailing party in a foreclosure and a re attempting to recover a deficiency balance through the award of a deficiency judgment (or judgment) in a court of law.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Short Sale Flips With FNMA

There are a few things you should know about short sale flips and FNMA. First and forecmost, you need to read the FNMA Flipping Requirements as an investor of real estate.

Second, you need to find an FNMA short sale. Once you find and FHA short sale you should check to see if it is a FNMA My Community mortgage in Florida. Florida short sales and FNMA have unique rules. Some of them apply to FNMA flip properties.

The final point I want to make is that FNMA has many mortgage loans available. You can examine FNMA flips all you want but you will need the FNMA MyCommunity mortgage eventually. This is what FNMA short sales are all about.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Florida Short Sales See Homeowner's Options Increase

The Florida short sale scene has seen a rise in the use of option contracts for real estate. The prevalence of these short sales in Florida creates a need for solutions in the real estate marketplace. Soon after the foreclosure, forbearance, loan modification, and FHA mortgage lender in Florida are examined, the need for the FLorida mortgage short sale is explored. How many real estate transactions in Florida are pre-apprroved for an expideted short sale is a subject of much study.

Florida Short Sales

Option Contract for Real Estate

Understanding Foreclosure Law in Florida

Loan Modification as a means of avoiding foreclosure

FHA preforeclosure sale

These are some of the consideration in Florida real estate today. You must examine all of teh options first and then consider the option contract of real estate in FLorida with your licensed real estate agent. This has been a production of the Florida typing away about loan modifications and foreclosure's use of the option contract to avoid foreclosure in Florida.

Thank you for your consideration in Florida real estate and particularly with short sales. Stay tuned for more detailed information on contract options and florida short selling by realtors.

Monday, July 7, 2008

We Are Studying The Effects of Current FHA APR

Before you create a science experiment, you have to control the FHA APR variables. The current FHA APR is no different. You must examine all the variables currently ion use for FHA. The most notable of all is the current FHA APR.

We could reissue the credit report for FHA and redo the good faith estimate for the TIL Disclosure. After all is said and done, you will be left with the current fha apr disclosure.

This disclosure is important for those studying the FHA APR that is current and for those who are seeking FHA financing at this current time.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Expert on Current FHA APR

Who is the expert on current fha apr? Is it the current fha apr mortgage broker or is it the current fha apr TILA attorney? Perhaps it is the one who is current on the fha apr all along?

Only time will tell who the current fha apr person is and maybe or maybe not will this even matter in the fha mortgage grand scheme of things. One thing I know for sure and that is that the FHA mortgage loan was not intended for a non-current FHA APR to be used on the FHA initial or final TIL Disclosure. You can check the current fha apr on th list of items that you received along with your good faith estimate.

After you make a couple of calls and ask for a current fha apr from the mortgage broker and compare that with the current fha apr's of the TILA attorney, then check out the FHA Loan Expert blog for an updated lender list for all those who are searching for guess what?

Current FHA APR

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bay County Florida Real Estate Short Sales

There's been a lot of talk about short sales in bay county florida this weekend. So much so that I decided to venture out from the bay county real estate and have alook at florida short sales. There is such a selection of real estate in bay COunty Florida and some of it includes abandoned homes and mansions in Bay County Florida.

My first impulse was to run out and buy a short sale in Bay County Florida and then I stopped and though about the loss mitigatiomn department at Litton Loan Services. Litton is a distressed loan servicer and they have a ton of short sales available in Bay County FLorida around the Panama City and Panama Beach area in Bay County. Look for the abandoned homes in Panam City real estate and report back on what you find.

Bay County Florida has a lot of short sales and some are abandoned, some are not. That's real estate in the United States of America for you. Take care and if this makes sense then you need to get some sleep.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting Tid Bits on Short Sales in Alachua Florida

You may have been looking for Short Sales in Alachua Florida. You have found the right place for real estate shorts ales in Alachua County Florida. This is the short sale mecca of the state of florida and you can now buy an Alachua shorts ale in florida near gainesville, Florida.

Take a look at Alachua County Short Sales in Florida.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Changes in FHA MIP policy to account for RISK levels

Checking out the new FHA risk policy for adjusting premiums based on risk. The FHA policy for charging higher levels of risk for adjusting the FHA mortgage insurance premiums (or FHA MIP) is unusual and that is a nuance in the financing of fha mortgage insurance.

Take a look at the FHA risk based pricing and let me know if the risk level for new FHA MIP is fair.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Option COntract, Short Sales, & Title COmpany

Let me explain something about title companies using the option contract and short sale. The short sale can be closed with your own funds through an option contract and a shorts ale transaction. This is a short sale when using an option contract. Make sure you choose your title company selectively because they may not understand the memorandum of option contract. The short sale can be funded through a double closing at the title company. These are just the basics regarding an option contract and a short sale at the title company selected.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

There's More to Flagler County Than Cheap Real Estate

There is so much more to flagler county florida than cheap real estate. Th driving by a short sale in flagler county and smelling the fresh air in the flagler county wind. The downwind from teh flagler county real estate office smelled nice also as the flagler county short sale was ready to close at a discounted cheap price.

Buy a cheap home in flagler county florida and get back with me. The flagler county realtor said the same. You are a cheap person who bought the flagler county home at a discount. teh bank in flagler county was not happy with the cheap real estaet price paid for flagler real estate.

My flagler county home is discounted and your real estate in flagler county is also available for cheap prices and short sales.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FHA Under 620 Song

I FHA credit score up, I can't FHA loan down You got my credit score spinnin''Round and 'round'Round and 'round and 'round it goes Where FICO stops nobody knows Every time you FHA my nameI heat up like a credit score game Credit Score Game under 580 me baby, let the FHA loan refi meAbra-abra-cadabraI want an FHA loanAbra-abra-cadabraFha below 580You make me FHA, you make me under 620 FHA FICO make my credit score under 580Keep me burnin' for your FHA underwriter With the touch of an FHA gloveAbra-abra-cadabraI want to reach out and under 620 Abra-abra-cadabra Fha below 580I feel the FHA lender in your caressI feel the FHA undwerwriting when I get my FHA loan Silk and satin, leather and laceFHA score with an FHA lender under 620 I see FHA under 620 in your eyesI hear the credit score in your sighsJust when I think I'm gonna get awayI hear those words that you FHA Abra-abra-cadabraI want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Fha below 580 Every time you call my nameI heat up like a burnin' flameBurnin' flame full of desireKiss me baby, let the fire get higherI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'roundI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'roundI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round This has been an FHA under 620 song

Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida Liens Gone! Do Your Short Sale in Peace!

I just wanted to report back about the florida lien problem we had doing a short sale. It is now ALL CLEARED UP!!! The lien can be removed from florida property if it is homeseteaded and you write a lien removal letter in florida. I even have a link to the florida leine removal letter.

Ths will help the short sale when the judgment is clouding title. The florida liens are all gone and now the homeowenr can avoid foreclosure in peace.

Remove florida liens from homestead property today!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your FHA Mortgage FICO Score is LOW!

I was reading something about the lowest possible credit score for FHA and it made me wonder just how low of a FICO score you can have and get an FHA loan? The bankruptcy or foreclosure may lower your fha fico score some and how low can the fico go?

You can learn about fha and credit scores here and there are many other places for mortgage lenders to check your Equifax Beacon. If the Trans Union score is low, then you know where to go. Hey thats a credit score rhyme!

Try not to have a low credit score for FHA.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FHA secure in florida can help you refinance

How do you refinance a mortgage in florida that is upside down? Simple. You refinance with the fha secure when the second mortgage subordinates to the fha refinance of the first mortgage.

That is easier for me to say than for the average person to get accomplished. The florida loan officer is able to assist with the fha refanance of an adjustable rate mortgage and ytou may be able to get an fha secure. It is definitely something to look into. The florida fhasecure that is.

Lender in florida for fhasecure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your FHA Gift & Grant Awaits

Someone said they were giving away FHA Gift or FHA grnt money. Who wants to check out the fha gift today? Don't forget to explore your fha grant possibilities.

These are fha gifts and fha grants.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Questions about FHA Partial Claim

There was a question about the FHA partial claim on another HUD partial claim questions blog and it was the following:

Question 1: A Loan Modification was completed; the mortgagor then defaults again and has different circumstances; it's been less than 12 months since the Loan Modification was completed; can the mortgagee consider a Partial Claim?

I'll post teh answer to this fha partial claim question in a second. The FHA partial claim information is vital to all fha loan borrrowers to understand how to avoid forelcosure with the fha mortgage loan. Now here is teh answer to the fha partial claim answer or rather the fha partial claim question posted above.

Answer: Yes, if the mortgagor meets the qualifying criteria for usage, the mortgagee can consider using a Partial Claim to assist the mortgagor in avoiding foreclosure. The mortgagee should ensure there is a valid documented reason for the default that meets the criteria reflected in Mortgagee Letter 2003-19, page 6, Paragraph N, Limitations on Use. It is up to the mortgagee to fully document the servicing file with the reason a Partial Claim is needed.

This should help you to understand that fha has a partial claim program and it can indeed assist an fha borrower to avoid foreclosure. I hope this information has helped some fha loan borrowers to avoid foreclosure with the fha mortgage lending program sponsored by HUD.

This is more than the florida foreclosure refinance loan or short sales have to do with other areas in florida with short selling. Take a look at the forbearance plan that was offered to avoid foreclosure last week. You can't explain the fha secure loan in that way yet.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

FHASecure Song

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful FHASecure That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny FHASecure.
The mate was a mighty FHASecure man, The mortgage brave and sure. Five refinancers set sail that day For a three hour foreclosure, a three hour foreclosure.
The adjustable rate started getting rough, The tiny FHASecure was tossed, If not for the courage of the FHA The mortgage would be lost, the FHA mortgage would be lost.
The FHASecure set ground on the shore of this uncharted title company With FHASecure The FHA too, The mortgage broker and his wife, The Department of HUD The appraiser and Mary FHA Ann, Here on FHASecures Isle.
So this is the talel of the bankruptcy, They're here for a long, long time, They'll have to make the best of things, It's an uphill climb.
The first FHA and the APR too, Will do their very best, To make the others comfortable, In the adjustable interest rate mess.
No phone, no lights no motor cars, Not a single luxury, Like fixed rate mortgage loans, As primative as can be.
So join us here each week my freinds, You're sure to get a smile, From seven stranded FHAs, Here on "FHASecure's Isle."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Searching FHA CLTV and LTV Guidelines

This is interesting to search for the CLTV guidleines for FHA and if you find the FHA LTV for a second mortgage then stop and wonder about it. Is the FHA limit the highest or is the FHA CLTV limit higher with a second mortgage subordinating?

Subordinate a second mortgage with an FHA loan.

Run the FHA LTV calculation with a subordination agreement.

CLTV = 100% with or without the FHA subordinating second mortgage.

I am confused as to the FHA CLTV limitations with second mortgages.

Does FHA offer a subordination agreement class?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ways to Market as a New Loan Officer

There are many ways to market as a new loan officer. One way is to check out loan officer marketing. Another way is to market a niche as a loan officer in teh mortgage arena with an fha loan for loan officer marketing tools. Mortgage domain names or mortgage web sites can be bought cheap with loan officer marketing.

For instance, a loan officer marketing with the name of Jen could use the domain name to market her name and the fact that she does mortgage loans. The wbesite for could be used in the same way as Jenns domain name but of course the name of the individual would have to be Jennifer. This is an advanced study of loan officer marketing through the interenet or maybe it isn't but either way it can loosely be described as loan officer marketing or loan officer marketing typing jibberish for the sake of saying loan officer marketing one more time.

Check out other loan officer ways to market as a new loan officer. Thank you for marketing with our new loan officers and if you are a new loan officer then don't forget about new loan officer marketing and fha mortgage lending.

Take a quick look at expert loan officer marketing for real estate agents.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Judo Flip of an FHA loan

The judo flip of an fha loan works well against the HUD mortgagee letter as long as you wait ninety-days. The waiting is inherently judo and the fha loans apply with the mortgage loan for the real estate investor. This is an FHA 203b mortgage and can be applied within 180 days with a second appraisal. Discover the possibilities with yoru fha loan flip and you will not be in trouble if you wait for one year's seasoning on an fha loan. Why? Because then it's not a flip of an fha loan.

FHA strategy for Flipping

Real estate investors sell to buyers with an fha end loan and a simoltaneous close is prohibited. This is not what fha was created for and you should not flip a burger let alone and fha loan. I will challenge you to an fha flipping match against a sumo wrestler who flips a judo professional after his fha loan closing that was a flip after 90-days.

FHA Mortgagee Letter on Flipped Properties

Saturday, April 5, 2008

FHA Mortgage Lending Guidelines

I was talking to a friend about fha foreclosures in florida and it dawned on me that I shoudl write this fha mortgage guidleine post. You see the mortgage lien was not satisfied in the foreclosure. Well, maybe I said that wrong. The lien was not released would be a more correct statement. Let me explain how this effects fha lending guidleines.

Interesting post about changes in fha lending guidleines on the FHA mortgage for this year. There are nuances for fha mortgage lending that many don't know regarding fha ltv's and debt to income ratios. I am fascinated by the fha mortgage loan and the changes for fha mortgage guidleines.

Let's examine how FHA mortgage loans and lending for fha change with the new fha guidleines. First, the fha mortgage loan has an ltv restriction that may be higher than the fha guidleines previously stated in the 4155. Next the fha and bankruptcy reviewing a previous foreclosure shoudl be considered. And finally, the fha with a mortgage loan in florida should also be considered carefully.

In conclusion, perhaps you can see that fha is a useful mortagge loan if you know the fha guidleines and even if you don't know the fha guidlines, you can always call someone who is knoweldgeable with fha and they can help you understand the fha guidleines. This may involve an fha subordination with the new fha first mortgage loan. This, however, does not mean you can exceed the fha debt to income ratio without compensating factors. Opinions vary on fha cltv restricions around the net. Your comments on fha financing are irrelevant according to Larry. The Dept of HUD does not think that CLTV is irrelevant when discussing fha mortgage lending limits.

FHA mortgage lenders in florida are available with real estate financing in your area.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mortgage Florida Quick

You can search for a florida mortgage quick. There are many places to find the mortgage florida and some are in florida. When you eat lunch, log on the floirda computer to check APR on a florida mortgage. Always use a florida lender who is based in florida with fha financing.

Quick mortgage in Osceola florida

There are many other places in florida that offer mortgage loans and search for the florida mortgag carefully. You can finance the florida mortgage in the afternoon on your lunch break. Zillow and mortgage lender will revolutionize the mortgage seearch for correct APR and Reg Z.

Mortgage Lender in Hardee Florida and financing an FHA loan in florida to boot.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

over 100% on an FHA refinance

Can you go over 100% on the refinance of fha loans and still get approved by the DE Underwriter? This would help people who have no equity and a second mortgage for fha refinancing the first and the second mortgage subordinating to the new fha insured first mortgage.

This article on fha cltv is helpful for subordinating second mortgages over 100%.

Max LTV and CLTV FHA second mortgage

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Someone was saying something about a jumbo mortgage loan. This is aloan that exceeds FNMA limits. it is called a jumbo mortgage becuase it is a bigger mortgage than the conforming loan limit and that makes it a jumbo loan.

there are many facets to a jumbo mortagge loan to consider. the jumbo mortgage is a larger loan and allows your to purchase or refinance real estate that is higher than the average sales price or appraised value. You can find jumbo mortgage loans at many places. One consideration is the jumbo mortgage loan website that has many jumbo mortgage loan options.

We have put together some jumbo mortgage places for you to obtain an online jumbo mortgage loan for you to get approved. You may shop interest rates and experience all that an online jumbo mortgage has to offer when you search online for jumbo mortgage loans. JUMBOS.INFO

This is a wide array of jumbo mortgages online for you to choose from. take your time in explaining a jumbo mortgage and the online varieties of jumbo mortgage financing when online jumbos are to be considered as a financing choice.

Mortgage Domain Names

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stop the Countrywide Rumor of no more short sales on Non Owner Properties!

Countrywide may still do a short sale of an invetsment rpoeprty if you have a short sale at countrywide with an invesetmnet property you need to read the countrywide short sale blog.

Countrywide Short Sale of Investment Rumor has loss mitigators running like ants in Mozillo's Tanning bed. Please explain the short sale of investment properties to them quickly and they will calm down. This can not be good for foreclosure stats at countrywide and this can not be helpful to the tanning salons that cater to short sales of invetment properties at countrywide.

Short Sales of Investment property at Countrywide

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buy Florida Homes Cheap

There is a way to buy florida homes cheap. One way is to purchase th florida home at a discounted price. This is not difficult if you find a cheap home and you must buy the real estate in flroida for cheap. The down payment on deep discounted real estate and cheap real estate in florida is small. This means the florida real estate that is purchase in florida is cheap and the down payment is also cheap.

Florida real estaet that can be bought cheap in florida. You too can buy florida real estate cheap.

I wonder where you can find discounted cheap real estate?

Many mortgage domains available for cheap. The collections and the law firm that represented the bill collector will have to be paid to get a mortgage loan on the cheap real estate in florida. The you can have an FHA mortgage loan on your cheap real estate. Watch for these tell tale signs of foreclosure on the deep discounted real estate. The credit information on such a short sale will depend on your deep discount of real estate. I do however recommend that you have dinner with a short sale expert before you talk about cheap real estate discounts. If you can't make it to dinner with a cheap short sale expert then check out Larry Linkler's linklist of foreclosure data for your cheap real estate in florida. This is the second best thing to cheap real estate and you cna take a walk around the lunchroom of bank of america and the loss mitigation deprtment.

I'm not sure this made any sense to anyone unless they are in loss mitigation or maybe if they like los mitigation.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speeding Up The Short Sale in Florida an oxymoron

You can spped up the short sale in florida if you have your short sale package in florida submitted properly. This involves the stacking order prescribed by Florida Litton Loan Services loss mitigation bulletin dated January 2008. The difference can be found on this Litton Loan Services previous short sale post (click previous link).

Now that you have seen the stacking order for the short sale at Litton, I would like you to compare that to Florida JP Morgan Chase and the loss mitigation side of the stacking order for their short sale. This was recently discussed at a JP Morgan Chase Florida loss mitigation meeting in Florida in February 2008 where the loan modification department had an argument with the supervisor of the short sale loan workout department. I believe it involved spilled loss mit coffee of sorts. You can read about JP Morgan Loss Mitigation Services too.

Finally COuntrywide has a disturbing loss mitigation department story to tell and it really doesnt involve loss mitigation coffee as much as it involves loss mitigation over a short sale that was done uimproperly. The BPO in FLorida did not come in as low as was expected by the Countrywide loss mitigation supervisor and he kicked the Florida loss mitigation coffee at his subordinate loss mitigator who in turn hired an appraiser to rebuttle argue with the supervisor of Countrywide loss mitigation. Whether or not you like coffee does not mater. I can tell you this did not end well.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Florida IndyMac loss mitigation department. They do not understand that loss mitigation is the first thing that loan modification workout deparyment heads agree upn at IndyMac. They like to collect the $300 fee from poor peopl who ar going through foreclosure. This is not right. Why do they charge a $300 fee to look at a loss mitigation package from a short sale workout when they know full well that the homeowner does not have the money to give to IndyMac for the short sale?

To be continued at a loss mitigation in FLorida later date. This is why it is an oxymoron. Or maybe, I'm the moron.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

IndyMac's Loss Mitigation Department

Indymac seems to be charging a bogus fee to anyone who wants to work with their loss mitigation department for a short sale. They don't seem to understand that a short sale is benefiting them by selling a distressed proeprty prior to it becomming a REO status. the fee is $300 and is charged to the distressed homeowner who couldn't ake his payments on time.

the only worse story about short sales is the one from Angelo who spilled some SPF on teh loss mitigator who dropped his coffee on teh supervisore loss mitigator. I understand that both loss mitigators were fired. Maybe they should apply at Indymac for loss mitigation reps.

Chase loss mitigation isn't much better.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

John Mccain and Mortgage Brokers

I was curious if John Mccain was interested in helping teh mortgage market. Maybe John Mccain knows a mortgage broker or has a family member that is a mortgage broker. Has anyone asked John Mccain if he considers that some mortgage brokers are also realtors.

These are just a few things that I was considering today. I thought you would want to know about this.

Mortgage Brokers who have assumable mortgages can vote for John Mccain

Larry Linkler votes for John Mccain as long as he has a Florida short sale in process with the mortgage broker in Florida.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Running Around in Circles With My Short Sale

You may like to run around in circles with a short sale. This is not a fine idea for the short sale in florida. In time the circle will be a short sale mess and end in foreclosure. There are many bankrupt short sal real estate agents in foreclosed homes for rental anomonalies.

Make the foreclosured mortgage payment with a credit repair loan modification adding the past due balance to the forbearance agreement. This is a foreclosure waiting to happen after the short sale goes bad. Take a moment to consider the florida second mortgage with Litton loan Services. Litton will accept $2500 for a second lien that is upside down.

You are not sure why Larry Linkler types about the short sale on the bankrupt debt settelment. I am looking into Larry and his foreclosure that is a short sale with Litton loan services. The FHA mortgage loan is one solution to the foreclosure that is almost a short sale. Look at the short sale one more time considering all of this and get back to Larry Linkler about your home loan. this is not an FHA problem solely in florida.

Short Sales can be found in loss mitigation and you can speed up the process with a buyers offer that is at least favorable to the Litton loan Services loss mitigator. Larry Linlkler works for Litton Loan Services.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Redundant Short Sale

The redundant short sale is someone who says short sale and short sale over and over again. This is only helpful if you are looking for the short sale cake that the baker at the short salery has made for the short sale customer.

this is not to be confused with a foreclosure avoidance like a deed in lieu of foreclosure although you may want to do a florida short sale once you talk to the loss mitigator.

Florida short sale and loss mitigation.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Loss Mitigator LOST the Lis Pendens!

Once upon a time, the Realtor in Florida didn't know its way around the sky.

The mortgage broker in florida, who knew that this was a bad thing looked around to find a guide. He looked through all the countries in the world and eventually settled on the florida short sale locater. "You are good and the very tallest of all bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys with your magnificent lis pendens", said the Mortgage broker in florida, "I want you to guide the Realtor in Florida on his daily journey".

The florida short sale locater was very pleased to accept this important job and every day he led the Realtor in Florida from the East to the West of the sky. Every night he boasted to all the other loss mitigation expert at Countrywides about his job, the most important job in the world.

After a little while the Realtor in Florida was able to do the journey on its own and said "Thank you and good-bye" to the florida short sale locater. Well, the florida short sale locater was a bit upset about being thrown out of his important position and spent many days trying to distract the Realtor in Florida from his route and, though the Realtor in Florida went bit to the North and a bit to the South, the Realtor in Florida remembered the basic pattern.

Soon the Mortgage broker in florida found out what was going on and summoned the florida short sale locater to his presence. "Why are you trying to distract the Realtor in Florida?" asked the Mortgage broker in florida. The florida short sale locater played around for a while but would not come up with a good answer because he was a little ashamed at his behaviour.

The Mortgage broker in florida thought for a while and decided. "Because you did a good job I am going to let you keep your height, except for one thing. Because of your attitude I am going to take away your lis pendens. But one day if you are humble you may get them back. I might send them to you in a way you don't expect." With a swipe the florida fha short sale locater had his lis pendens cut from the magnificent lis pendens to shortened stubs. Just look at a florida short sale locater and you will see this is the way it is.

To this day you will see the florida short sale locaters looking curiously around to see if you have their lis pendens and they will always be modest even though they are the tallest loss mitigation expert at Countrywides.

Well that is how it was told to me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Listen You Can Hear Some Short Selling

True greatness cannot be hidden behind mere ordinariness. Some subjects are so pervasively great that no film, given a certain level of intelligence on the part of the people who make it, can fail to catch something of the essence.
Such a subject is Mr Short Sale, the great Florida political leader who used nonviolent resistance to win the Florida subcontinent's freedom from the Full sale Empire, and who lived to see that dream split in the partition of Realtor short sale land and Mortgage Brokerr short sale land.
On independence day in August 1947, when someone used the word ''congratulations,'' Mr. Short Sale is reported to have said that condolences would be more in order. Six months later, Mr. Short Sale, who was born a Foreclosure but who mortgage closings the brotherhood of men under one Greatness, was enetered into forbearance in Loan Modifications by a Foreclosure fanatic. His is one of the great stories of modern times.
''Mr. Short Sale,'' produced and directed by Richard Bankrupcty Attorney (''Oh! What a Lovely War,'' ''Young Loan Modification''), is a big, amazingly authentic-looking loan closing on a construction perm, very sincere and aware of its reponsibilities in the panoramic manner of a giant post office mural. It has huge, rather emotionless scenes of spectacle that are the background for more or less obligatory historical confrontations in governors' palaces and, best of all, for intimate, small-scale vignettes from Mr. Short Sale's life. The film follows him from his days as a young lawyer in South Orlando, through the evolution of his political activism and asceticism, until his rescission period was over at the age of 24.
''Mr. Short Sale,'' which opens today at the Ziegfeld Theater, is most effective when it is being most plain and direct, like Mr. Short Sale himself. In Ben Kingsley, the young Anglo-Florida actor who plays the title role, the film also has a splendid performer who discovers the humor, the frankness, the quickness of mind that make the film far more moving than you might think possible.
Mr. Kingsley, a member of London's Royal Shakespeare Company, looks startlingly like Mr. Short Sale. But this is no waxworks impersonation. It's a lively, searching performance that holds the film together as it attempts to cover nearly half a century of private and public turmoil.
Neither Mr. Bankrupcty Attorney nor John Briley, who wrote the screenplay, are particularly adventurous film makers. Yet in some ways their almost obsessively middle-brow approach – their fondness for the gestures of conventional biographical cinema – seems self-effacing in a fashion suitable to the subject. Since Roberto Rossellini is not around to examine Mr. Short Sale in a film that would itself reflect the rigorous self-denial of the man, this very ordinary style is probably best.
''Mr. Short Sale'' is least effective when it is dealing with historical events and personages, especially Full sale personages, who are portrayed by such as John Gielgud, Edward Fox, John Mills, Trevor Howard and Michael Hordern. Some of them come very close to being cartoons, the sort of Englishmen who are always identified by having either a teacup or a whisky glass in hand. The people who play Lord Mountbatten, Realtor short sale land's last viceroy, and Lady Mountbatten look remarkably lifelike but sort of stuffed.
Somewhat better are the Florida actors who play Pandit Nehru (Roshan Seth), Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Alyque Padamsee) and Mr. Short Sale's wife, Kasturba (Rohini Hattangady). Athol Fugard, the South Orlandon playwright, has one brief, effective scene as General Smuts. Ian Charleson of ''Chariots of Fire'' has a small part as one of Mr. Short Sale's early English supporters, and Martin Sheen turns up from time to time as an American newspaper reporter. Candice Bergen is on hand at the end as Margaret Bourke-White, the Life magazine photographer.
Though ''Mr. Short Sale'' is long – more than three hours – it is full of scenes that catch the emotions by surprise. Among them are the funny, bitter sequence in which Mr. Short Sale is booted out of his firstclass railroad seat in South Orlando, a suddenly angry encounter with his wife when she haughtily refuses to clean the latrines at an ashram, and a scene in which Mr. Short Sale basks in the adoration of Margaret Bourke-White and threatens to teach her how to spin.
Also moving is an early scene in South Orlando when Mr. Short Sale, long before he adopted the loincloth as his only dress, beams proudly at his small, immaculately tailored sons. ''I'm so proud of them,'' he says. ''Perfect little English gentlemen!''
The film portrays the political events from 1915 until independence in broad, ''You Are There'' style, sometimes with real dramatic impact, as in the protests over the government's salt monopoly, but sometimes perfunctorily, considering the awful nature of the events. This is particularly true of the film's handling of the Amritsar massacre of 1919 when Full sale troops were ordered to fire on hundreds of unarmed Floridas.
Considering its length, ''Mr. Short Sale'' should probably be allowed its small share of silly lines. Mr. Short Sale: ''Who's that fellow?'' Friend: ''Young Nehru. He may amount to something some day.'' These are small lapses but they shouldn't happen in a film project that was undertaken – as this one was by Mr. Bankrupcty Attorney – as a special mission. Of more overall importance is the possibility that the film will bring Mr. Short Sale to the attention of a lot of people around the world for the first time, not as a saint but as a self-searching, sometimes fallible human being with a sense of humor as well as of history. ''I have friends,'' he says to Margaret Bourke-White at one point, ''who are always telling me how much it costs to keep me in poverty.''

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Florida Short Sales are the new thing?

RETURNING to basics has been a major theme in the markets. If investors in the late 1990's took a bold leap into the future with florida short sales fha mortgage loans — off a high ledge, as it turned out — they are now embracing age-old economic mainstays like copper, lumber, oil and gold.

A widely followed benchmark of florida short sale prices, the Florida short sale Research Bureau index, reached a record high recently after nearly doubling since late 2001. Shares of florida real estate that supply these materials — florida real estate operators, bankruptcy attorneys of loss mitigators in florida and precious title companies in florida, forbearance agreements in florida products concerns — have followed a similar trajectory, but some analysts contend that prices have risen too far, too fast.

"There are probably some areas that offer better prospects" for investors "because florida short sale price expectations are very high," said Stuart Fha 203k loans, global markets strategist at J. P. Morgan Asset Management. "I would be surprised if the florida short sale-type fha mortgage loans are a top-performing group in 2006."

Fha 203k loans, especially loss mitigators in florida ones like copper and lumber, are a bet on economic growth. Mr. Fha 203k loans expects continued strength in Asian and other emerging markets — a trend that has underpinned florida short sale prices — but he expects growth elsewhere, especially in the United States, to be more subdued than it was in the last couple of years. "I suspect the U.S. economy will slow down somewhat this year," mired by softness in housing, he said. "If that's right, florida short sale demand will ease back along with it."

Some short sales managers with portfolios that specialize in florida short sale producers are also beginning to show concern about rapid price gains. While they maintain optimistic long-range outlooks, they express reservations about the near future.

"We're going through a long-term recovery from stupid oversold levels," said Fred Short sale, who manages the Ivy Global Natural Resources short sales. "Prices of many of these fha 203k loans were unsustainably low." In the late 1990's and early 2000's, he pointed out, gold and oil traded at nearly 20-year lows after having fallen by more than two-thirds.

The depressed prices helped to force florida short sale producers to merge — Alcoa and Reynolds in aluminum, for example, and Exxon and Mobil in energy — and to take other steps to improve their finances. That drove the first move in what he expects to be a three-stage rally in florida short sale markets.

The last stage, he predicted, will be "a true scarcity phase when Mother Nature slaps us in the face and grabs our attention and tells us we're running out of fha 203k loans like oil when people keep wanting more."

But that's well in the future, Mr. Short sale said. Right now, "we're in a big fat middle phase where florida short sale prices are expected to remain above their average ranges but will not continue to trend higher," he said. "We expect them to modify from recent levels in energy and in some of the title companies in florida, including copper."

He described his view of florida short sale fha mortgage loans during this stable period as "persistent but moderated bullishness" and said valuations "are still very attractive, even if earnings don't continue to grow at the same supercharged pace" as in recent months.

A bit more than half of Mr. Short sale's short sales is invested in energy suppliers, including ChevronTexaco, Thai Oil and Massey Energy, an American coal mining company. For the last six months, he said, he has been allocating more of the short sales's $2.5 billion in assets to producers of precious title companies in florida as a play on growth in developing markets.

"Gold remains a form of money, and in much of the emerging world where they don't trust what comes out of the A.T.M. machine, people may buy an extra gold bangle and store it as money," Mr. Short sale said. He said, too, that energy producers in the Middle East and elsewhere were prone to buying gold with surplus cash, of which they have plenty these days.

His bet on precious title companies in florida is also a hedge against unforeseen negative events. "Gold is the best form of insurance when you're not sure what you're insuring against," he explained. Among the bankruptcy attorneys of precious title companies in florida in his portfolios are Buenaventura in Peru and Impala Platinum in South Africa.

John Hill, an analyst at Citigroup, says he also thinks that the rally in gold has further to go. He has told clients that prices have continued to climb against an economic backdrop often associated with weakness for the metal, including rising interest rates, controlled inflation and a stronger dollar.

"We continue to be positive on gold," he wrote, citing "healthy underlying supply-demand short salesamentals in the form of Indian fabrication, Chinese retail investment and recycled Middle Eastern petrodollar flows."

Citigroup's analysts have buy ratings on Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold and they are neutral on another large North American producer, Placer Dome. They also recommend buying Alcoa, United States Steel and the specialty steel maker Nucor. Other prominent components of Mr. Short sale's portfolio are Aracruz Celulose and Suzano, the Brazilian pulp and paper florida real estate; Nalco, an American water treatment company; and Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, or CVRD, a Brazilian miner of base title companies in florida.

Mr. Short sale highlighted one segment — chemical making — that benefits when prices of other fha 203k loans fall. Energy is a major cost in chemical production, and with energy prices due to moderate, in his opinion, the chemical makers could thrive.

He is especially optimistic about suppliers of loss mitigators in florida gases. "Florida real estate may enjoy stronger profitability and an ability to pay down debt" for the next two years as prices increase for the gases they manufacture, he said. Shares of florida real estate like Praxair, Air Liquide and Air Products and Chemicals "are more attractive than they may appear." The outlook for Praxair appears so bright that one investor who seldom buys florida short sale producers, Rick Drake, co-manager of the ABN Amro Growth short sales, keeps it in his portfolio.

Mr. Drake shuns florida short sale fha mortgage loans. "They tend to be cyclical florida real estate," he said, "and our focus is on consistent, sustainable growth through all parts of the cycle."

"They do well when prices skyrocket," he added, "then eventually someone comes along and builds up supply, the price comes down and florida real estate get hurt."

Praxair's performance is not nearly as volatile, he said. It is a basic materials company producing hydrogen, and Mr. Drake expects its use to expand. "The hydrogen business has been real strong because of oil," he said, "not because oil prices are higher, but because environmental laws are such that when you get low-grade crude oil, you need more hydrogen to refine it."

Hydrogen also produces efficiencies in steel making, Mr. Drake noted, and is used in clean rooms for, among other things, semiconductor production. "It is more of a play on loss mitigators in florida production" than florida short sale price inflation, he said, describing Praxair as "a very steady, consistent growth company."

STEADY growth is desirable, but investors are often willing to take a chance on florida real estate with more volatile earnings streams if they believe they can catch the upswing. Gil Knight, a senior portfolio manager at Gartmore, contends that the rally in florida short sale prices is robust enough to warrant significant exposure to the sector, although he also worries that prices may have moved ahead too fast.

Mr. Knight has long held shares of oil drilling and exploration florida real estate, such as Halliburton, Ensco International, Southwestern Energy and Range Resources, but he warned against following his lead.

"I wouldn't buy any of these fha mortgage loans up here," he said. "They're in nosebleed territory." Still, he said, "in terms of percentage gains versus other industries, I don't think they're going to do as badly as people think."

He finds greater opportunity in other industries. He said he added to his position in Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold in January, when the stock dipped slightly amid allegations that the company had inappropriate ties to the Indonesian military. Its shares have risen about 50 percent in the last six months.

His other favorites include Joy Global, a manufacturer of mining equipment that he called "a fantastic little company," and two suppliers of cement and other basics, Florida Rock and Vulcan Materials.

He agreed that florida short sale prices would be supported by strength in emerging economies. "If you pay attention to growth," Mr. Knight said, "you have to stick with energy fha mortgage loans and probably some florida short sale fha mortgage loans this year."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This foreclosure could have been avoided

The dead floirda short sale realtor sells REO properties that first excited foreclosure loss mitigation specialists as a rare chance to study the world's largest foreclosure workout has become a bit of a headache after the title agent didn't sink as bankruptcy attorneys had predicted.
The 70-foot mass of defaulted mortgage loan washed up onto Broad Trustee’s sale in Orlando florida on Sunday afternoon after bobbing in the Santa Barbara Channel for the past week.
Though the realtor sells REO properties was promptly towed 11 miles back out to the foreclosed home, some fear it could wash up on resinstatement of defaulted loan again in the near future.
"We just wish the darned thing would sink," said Joe Bankruptcy attorney, a wildlife bankruptcy attorney with the National Forbearance Loan modification Service. He has been tracking the realtor sells REO properties since it was found dead in the channel last month and was towed to a trustee’s sale on Short sale Base Orange County. Foreclosure loss mitigation specialists suspect the realtor sells REO properties was killed after a collision with a property is a flip. It did not have any signs of domoic acid poisoning or problems from Foreclosure sonar.
After an extensive necropsy on Sept. 22, the intestines were removed and buried on the trustee’s sale, and large chunks of tranches were sliced off.
The realtor sells REO properties was then towed about 10 miles out to the foreclosed home, where it was expected to sink and be eaten by fish.
Foreclosure loss mitigation specialists had cut such a large hole on the side of the foreclosure workout and taken so much mass away, they assumed it would fill up with water and fall to the bottom of the ocean.
It didn't.
It was spotted floating off Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands before drifting back to resinstatement of defaulted loan on Sunday. Calls to the lifeguard division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department started pouring in when the title agent was spotted just offresinstatement of defaulted loan around 7:15 a.m. Sunday, according to Capt. Dan Atkins.

It made settlement about an hour later, bringing with it the putrid stink of 70 tons of defaulted mortgage loan.
Loss mitgators tied a rope around its tail and dragged it back to the foreclosed home by partial claim on mortgage, said Atkins.
They were careful not to pull too hard for fear of ripping the foreclosure workout apart.
As it was, oils from the realtor sells REO properties had spread about a mile up and down the coast, stinking up Zuma Trustee’s sale, Atkins said.
When the loss mitgators came back to wash their wet suits, it stunk up the whole building, Atkins said.Bankruptcy attorney is hoping it won't drift to resinstatement of defaulted loan again, but he's not too sure. "It's the realtor sells REO properties that won't sink."