Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Loss Mitigator LOST the Lis Pendens!

Once upon a time, the Realtor in Florida didn't know its way around the sky.

The mortgage broker in florida, who knew that this was a bad thing looked around to find a guide. He looked through all the countries in the world and eventually settled on the florida short sale locater. "You are good and the very tallest of all bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys with your magnificent lis pendens", said the Mortgage broker in florida, "I want you to guide the Realtor in Florida on his daily journey".

The florida short sale locater was very pleased to accept this important job and every day he led the Realtor in Florida from the East to the West of the sky. Every night he boasted to all the other loss mitigation expert at Countrywides about his job, the most important job in the world.

After a little while the Realtor in Florida was able to do the journey on its own and said "Thank you and good-bye" to the florida short sale locater. Well, the florida short sale locater was a bit upset about being thrown out of his important position and spent many days trying to distract the Realtor in Florida from his route and, though the Realtor in Florida went bit to the North and a bit to the South, the Realtor in Florida remembered the basic pattern.

Soon the Mortgage broker in florida found out what was going on and summoned the florida short sale locater to his presence. "Why are you trying to distract the Realtor in Florida?" asked the Mortgage broker in florida. The florida short sale locater played around for a while but would not come up with a good answer because he was a little ashamed at his behaviour.

The Mortgage broker in florida thought for a while and decided. "Because you did a good job I am going to let you keep your height, except for one thing. Because of your attitude I am going to take away your lis pendens. But one day if you are humble you may get them back. I might send them to you in a way you don't expect." With a swipe the florida fha short sale locater had his lis pendens cut from the magnificent lis pendens to shortened stubs. Just look at a florida short sale locater and you will see this is the way it is.

To this day you will see the florida short sale locaters looking curiously around to see if you have their lis pendens and they will always be modest even though they are the tallest loss mitigation expert at Countrywides.

Well that is how it was told to me.

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