Monday, April 7, 2008

Judo Flip of an FHA loan

The judo flip of an fha loan works well against the HUD mortgagee letter as long as you wait ninety-days. The waiting is inherently judo and the fha loans apply with the mortgage loan for the real estate investor. This is an FHA 203b mortgage and can be applied within 180 days with a second appraisal. Discover the possibilities with yoru fha loan flip and you will not be in trouble if you wait for one year's seasoning on an fha loan. Why? Because then it's not a flip of an fha loan.

FHA strategy for Flipping

Real estate investors sell to buyers with an fha end loan and a simoltaneous close is prohibited. This is not what fha was created for and you should not flip a burger let alone and fha loan. I will challenge you to an fha flipping match against a sumo wrestler who flips a judo professional after his fha loan closing that was a flip after 90-days.

FHA Mortgagee Letter on Flipped Properties

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