Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bay County Florida Real Estate Short Sales

There's been a lot of talk about short sales in bay county florida this weekend. So much so that I decided to venture out from the bay county real estate and have alook at florida short sales. There is such a selection of real estate in bay COunty Florida and some of it includes abandoned homes and mansions in Bay County Florida.

My first impulse was to run out and buy a short sale in Bay County Florida and then I stopped and though about the loss mitigatiomn department at Litton Loan Services. Litton is a distressed loan servicer and they have a ton of short sales available in Bay County FLorida around the Panama City and Panama Beach area in Bay County. Look for the abandoned homes in Panam City real estate and report back on what you find.

Bay County Florida has a lot of short sales and some are abandoned, some are not. That's real estate in the United States of America for you. Take care and if this makes sense then you need to get some sleep.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting Tid Bits on Short Sales in Alachua Florida

You may have been looking for Short Sales in Alachua Florida. You have found the right place for real estate shorts ales in Alachua County Florida. This is the short sale mecca of the state of florida and you can now buy an Alachua shorts ale in florida near gainesville, Florida.

Take a look at Alachua County Short Sales in Florida.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Changes in FHA MIP policy to account for RISK levels

Checking out the new FHA risk policy for adjusting premiums based on risk. The FHA policy for charging higher levels of risk for adjusting the FHA mortgage insurance premiums (or FHA MIP) is unusual and that is a nuance in the financing of fha mortgage insurance.

Take a look at the FHA risk based pricing and let me know if the risk level for new FHA MIP is fair.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Option COntract, Short Sales, & Title COmpany

Let me explain something about title companies using the option contract and short sale. The short sale can be closed with your own funds through an option contract and a shorts ale transaction. This is a short sale when using an option contract. Make sure you choose your title company selectively because they may not understand the memorandum of option contract. The short sale can be funded through a double closing at the title company. These are just the basics regarding an option contract and a short sale at the title company selected.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

There's More to Flagler County Than Cheap Real Estate

There is so much more to flagler county florida than cheap real estate. Th driving by a short sale in flagler county and smelling the fresh air in the flagler county wind. The downwind from teh flagler county real estate office smelled nice also as the flagler county short sale was ready to close at a discounted cheap price.

Buy a cheap home in flagler county florida and get back with me. The flagler county realtor said the same. You are a cheap person who bought the flagler county home at a discount. teh bank in flagler county was not happy with the cheap real estaet price paid for flagler real estate.

My flagler county home is discounted and your real estate in flagler county is also available for cheap prices and short sales.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

FHA Under 620 Song

I FHA credit score up, I can't FHA loan down You got my credit score spinnin''Round and 'round'Round and 'round and 'round it goes Where FICO stops nobody knows Every time you FHA my nameI heat up like a credit score game Credit Score Game under 580 me baby, let the FHA loan refi meAbra-abra-cadabraI want an FHA loanAbra-abra-cadabraFha below 580You make me FHA, you make me under 620 FHA FICO make my credit score under 580Keep me burnin' for your FHA underwriter With the touch of an FHA gloveAbra-abra-cadabraI want to reach out and under 620 Abra-abra-cadabra Fha below 580I feel the FHA lender in your caressI feel the FHA undwerwriting when I get my FHA loan Silk and satin, leather and laceFHA score with an FHA lender under 620 I see FHA under 620 in your eyesI hear the credit score in your sighsJust when I think I'm gonna get awayI hear those words that you FHA Abra-abra-cadabraI want to reach out and grab ya Abra-abra-cadabra Fha below 580 Every time you call my nameI heat up like a burnin' flameBurnin' flame full of desireKiss me baby, let the fire get higherI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'roundI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'roundI heat up, I can't cool down My situation goes 'round and 'round This has been an FHA under 620 song