Sunday, March 30, 2008

over 100% on an FHA refinance

Can you go over 100% on the refinance of fha loans and still get approved by the DE Underwriter? This would help people who have no equity and a second mortgage for fha refinancing the first and the second mortgage subordinating to the new fha insured first mortgage.

This article on fha cltv is helpful for subordinating second mortgages over 100%.

Max LTV and CLTV FHA second mortgage

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jumbo Mortgage Loan

Someone was saying something about a jumbo mortgage loan. This is aloan that exceeds FNMA limits. it is called a jumbo mortgage becuase it is a bigger mortgage than the conforming loan limit and that makes it a jumbo loan.

there are many facets to a jumbo mortagge loan to consider. the jumbo mortgage is a larger loan and allows your to purchase or refinance real estate that is higher than the average sales price or appraised value. You can find jumbo mortgage loans at many places. One consideration is the jumbo mortgage loan website that has many jumbo mortgage loan options.

We have put together some jumbo mortgage places for you to obtain an online jumbo mortgage loan for you to get approved. You may shop interest rates and experience all that an online jumbo mortgage has to offer when you search online for jumbo mortgage loans. JUMBOS.INFO

This is a wide array of jumbo mortgages online for you to choose from. take your time in explaining a jumbo mortgage and the online varieties of jumbo mortgage financing when online jumbos are to be considered as a financing choice.

Mortgage Domain Names

Friday, March 28, 2008

Stop the Countrywide Rumor of no more short sales on Non Owner Properties!

Countrywide may still do a short sale of an invetsment rpoeprty if you have a short sale at countrywide with an invesetmnet property you need to read the countrywide short sale blog.

Countrywide Short Sale of Investment Rumor has loss mitigators running like ants in Mozillo's Tanning bed. Please explain the short sale of investment properties to them quickly and they will calm down. This can not be good for foreclosure stats at countrywide and this can not be helpful to the tanning salons that cater to short sales of invetment properties at countrywide.

Short Sales of Investment property at Countrywide

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Buy Florida Homes Cheap

There is a way to buy florida homes cheap. One way is to purchase th florida home at a discounted price. This is not difficult if you find a cheap home and you must buy the real estate in flroida for cheap. The down payment on deep discounted real estate and cheap real estate in florida is small. This means the florida real estate that is purchase in florida is cheap and the down payment is also cheap.

Florida real estaet that can be bought cheap in florida. You too can buy florida real estate cheap.

I wonder where you can find discounted cheap real estate?

Many mortgage domains available for cheap. The collections and the law firm that represented the bill collector will have to be paid to get a mortgage loan on the cheap real estate in florida. The you can have an FHA mortgage loan on your cheap real estate. Watch for these tell tale signs of foreclosure on the deep discounted real estate. The credit information on such a short sale will depend on your deep discount of real estate. I do however recommend that you have dinner with a short sale expert before you talk about cheap real estate discounts. If you can't make it to dinner with a cheap short sale expert then check out Larry Linkler's linklist of foreclosure data for your cheap real estate in florida. This is the second best thing to cheap real estate and you cna take a walk around the lunchroom of bank of america and the loss mitigation deprtment.

I'm not sure this made any sense to anyone unless they are in loss mitigation or maybe if they like los mitigation.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Speeding Up The Short Sale in Florida an oxymoron

You can spped up the short sale in florida if you have your short sale package in florida submitted properly. This involves the stacking order prescribed by Florida Litton Loan Services loss mitigation bulletin dated January 2008. The difference can be found on this Litton Loan Services previous short sale post (click previous link).

Now that you have seen the stacking order for the short sale at Litton, I would like you to compare that to Florida JP Morgan Chase and the loss mitigation side of the stacking order for their short sale. This was recently discussed at a JP Morgan Chase Florida loss mitigation meeting in Florida in February 2008 where the loan modification department had an argument with the supervisor of the short sale loan workout department. I believe it involved spilled loss mit coffee of sorts. You can read about JP Morgan Loss Mitigation Services too.

Finally COuntrywide has a disturbing loss mitigation department story to tell and it really doesnt involve loss mitigation coffee as much as it involves loss mitigation over a short sale that was done uimproperly. The BPO in FLorida did not come in as low as was expected by the Countrywide loss mitigation supervisor and he kicked the Florida loss mitigation coffee at his subordinate loss mitigator who in turn hired an appraiser to rebuttle argue with the supervisor of Countrywide loss mitigation. Whether or not you like coffee does not mater. I can tell you this did not end well.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Florida IndyMac loss mitigation department. They do not understand that loss mitigation is the first thing that loan modification workout deparyment heads agree upn at IndyMac. They like to collect the $300 fee from poor peopl who ar going through foreclosure. This is not right. Why do they charge a $300 fee to look at a loss mitigation package from a short sale workout when they know full well that the homeowner does not have the money to give to IndyMac for the short sale?

To be continued at a loss mitigation in FLorida later date. This is why it is an oxymoron. Or maybe, I'm the moron.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

IndyMac's Loss Mitigation Department

Indymac seems to be charging a bogus fee to anyone who wants to work with their loss mitigation department for a short sale. They don't seem to understand that a short sale is benefiting them by selling a distressed proeprty prior to it becomming a REO status. the fee is $300 and is charged to the distressed homeowner who couldn't ake his payments on time.

the only worse story about short sales is the one from Angelo who spilled some SPF on teh loss mitigator who dropped his coffee on teh supervisore loss mitigator. I understand that both loss mitigators were fired. Maybe they should apply at Indymac for loss mitigation reps.

Chase loss mitigation isn't much better.