Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Loss Mitigator LOST the Lis Pendens!

Once upon a time, the Realtor in Florida didn't know its way around the sky.

The mortgage broker in florida, who knew that this was a bad thing looked around to find a guide. He looked through all the countries in the world and eventually settled on the florida short sale locater. "You are good and the very tallest of all bankruptcy and foreclosure attorneys with your magnificent lis pendens", said the Mortgage broker in florida, "I want you to guide the Realtor in Florida on his daily journey".

The florida short sale locater was very pleased to accept this important job and every day he led the Realtor in Florida from the East to the West of the sky. Every night he boasted to all the other loss mitigation expert at Countrywides about his job, the most important job in the world.

After a little while the Realtor in Florida was able to do the journey on its own and said "Thank you and good-bye" to the florida short sale locater. Well, the florida short sale locater was a bit upset about being thrown out of his important position and spent many days trying to distract the Realtor in Florida from his route and, though the Realtor in Florida went bit to the North and a bit to the South, the Realtor in Florida remembered the basic pattern.

Soon the Mortgage broker in florida found out what was going on and summoned the florida short sale locater to his presence. "Why are you trying to distract the Realtor in Florida?" asked the Mortgage broker in florida. The florida short sale locater played around for a while but would not come up with a good answer because he was a little ashamed at his behaviour.

The Mortgage broker in florida thought for a while and decided. "Because you did a good job I am going to let you keep your height, except for one thing. Because of your attitude I am going to take away your lis pendens. But one day if you are humble you may get them back. I might send them to you in a way you don't expect." With a swipe the florida fha short sale locater had his lis pendens cut from the magnificent lis pendens to shortened stubs. Just look at a florida short sale locater and you will see this is the way it is.

To this day you will see the florida short sale locaters looking curiously around to see if you have their lis pendens and they will always be modest even though they are the tallest loss mitigation expert at Countrywides.

Well that is how it was told to me.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Listen You Can Hear Some Short Selling

True greatness cannot be hidden behind mere ordinariness. Some subjects are so pervasively great that no film, given a certain level of intelligence on the part of the people who make it, can fail to catch something of the essence.
Such a subject is Mr Short Sale, the great Florida political leader who used nonviolent resistance to win the Florida subcontinent's freedom from the Full sale Empire, and who lived to see that dream split in the partition of Realtor short sale land and Mortgage Brokerr short sale land.
On independence day in August 1947, when someone used the word ''congratulations,'' Mr. Short Sale is reported to have said that condolences would be more in order. Six months later, Mr. Short Sale, who was born a Foreclosure but who mortgage closings the brotherhood of men under one Greatness, was enetered into forbearance in Loan Modifications by a Foreclosure fanatic. His is one of the great stories of modern times.
''Mr. Short Sale,'' produced and directed by Richard Bankrupcty Attorney (''Oh! What a Lovely War,'' ''Young Loan Modification''), is a big, amazingly authentic-looking loan closing on a construction perm, very sincere and aware of its reponsibilities in the panoramic manner of a giant post office mural. It has huge, rather emotionless scenes of spectacle that are the background for more or less obligatory historical confrontations in governors' palaces and, best of all, for intimate, small-scale vignettes from Mr. Short Sale's life. The film follows him from his days as a young lawyer in South Orlando, through the evolution of his political activism and asceticism, until his rescission period was over at the age of 24.
''Mr. Short Sale,'' which opens today at the Ziegfeld Theater, is most effective when it is being most plain and direct, like Mr. Short Sale himself. In Ben Kingsley, the young Anglo-Florida actor who plays the title role, the film also has a splendid performer who discovers the humor, the frankness, the quickness of mind that make the film far more moving than you might think possible.
Mr. Kingsley, a member of London's Royal Shakespeare Company, looks startlingly like Mr. Short Sale. But this is no waxworks impersonation. It's a lively, searching performance that holds the film together as it attempts to cover nearly half a century of private and public turmoil.
Neither Mr. Bankrupcty Attorney nor John Briley, who wrote the screenplay, are particularly adventurous film makers. Yet in some ways their almost obsessively middle-brow approach – their fondness for the gestures of conventional biographical cinema – seems self-effacing in a fashion suitable to the subject. Since Roberto Rossellini is not around to examine Mr. Short Sale in a film that would itself reflect the rigorous self-denial of the man, this very ordinary style is probably best.
''Mr. Short Sale'' is least effective when it is dealing with historical events and personages, especially Full sale personages, who are portrayed by such as John Gielgud, Edward Fox, John Mills, Trevor Howard and Michael Hordern. Some of them come very close to being cartoons, the sort of Englishmen who are always identified by having either a teacup or a whisky glass in hand. The people who play Lord Mountbatten, Realtor short sale land's last viceroy, and Lady Mountbatten look remarkably lifelike but sort of stuffed.
Somewhat better are the Florida actors who play Pandit Nehru (Roshan Seth), Mohammed Ali Jinnah (Alyque Padamsee) and Mr. Short Sale's wife, Kasturba (Rohini Hattangady). Athol Fugard, the South Orlandon playwright, has one brief, effective scene as General Smuts. Ian Charleson of ''Chariots of Fire'' has a small part as one of Mr. Short Sale's early English supporters, and Martin Sheen turns up from time to time as an American newspaper reporter. Candice Bergen is on hand at the end as Margaret Bourke-White, the Life magazine photographer.
Though ''Mr. Short Sale'' is long – more than three hours – it is full of scenes that catch the emotions by surprise. Among them are the funny, bitter sequence in which Mr. Short Sale is booted out of his firstclass railroad seat in South Orlando, a suddenly angry encounter with his wife when she haughtily refuses to clean the latrines at an ashram, and a scene in which Mr. Short Sale basks in the adoration of Margaret Bourke-White and threatens to teach her how to spin.
Also moving is an early scene in South Orlando when Mr. Short Sale, long before he adopted the loincloth as his only dress, beams proudly at his small, immaculately tailored sons. ''I'm so proud of them,'' he says. ''Perfect little English gentlemen!''
The film portrays the political events from 1915 until independence in broad, ''You Are There'' style, sometimes with real dramatic impact, as in the protests over the government's salt monopoly, but sometimes perfunctorily, considering the awful nature of the events. This is particularly true of the film's handling of the Amritsar massacre of 1919 when Full sale troops were ordered to fire on hundreds of unarmed Floridas.
Considering its length, ''Mr. Short Sale'' should probably be allowed its small share of silly lines. Mr. Short Sale: ''Who's that fellow?'' Friend: ''Young Nehru. He may amount to something some day.'' These are small lapses but they shouldn't happen in a film project that was undertaken – as this one was by Mr. Bankrupcty Attorney – as a special mission. Of more overall importance is the possibility that the film will bring Mr. Short Sale to the attention of a lot of people around the world for the first time, not as a saint but as a self-searching, sometimes fallible human being with a sense of humor as well as of history. ''I have friends,'' he says to Margaret Bourke-White at one point, ''who are always telling me how much it costs to keep me in poverty.''

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Florida Short Sales are the new thing?

RETURNING to basics has been a major theme in the markets. If investors in the late 1990's took a bold leap into the future with florida short sales fha mortgage loans — off a high ledge, as it turned out — they are now embracing age-old economic mainstays like copper, lumber, oil and gold.

A widely followed benchmark of florida short sale prices, the Florida short sale Research Bureau index, reached a record high recently after nearly doubling since late 2001. Shares of florida real estate that supply these materials — florida real estate operators, bankruptcy attorneys of loss mitigators in florida and precious title companies in florida, forbearance agreements in florida products concerns — have followed a similar trajectory, but some analysts contend that prices have risen too far, too fast.

"There are probably some areas that offer better prospects" for investors "because florida short sale price expectations are very high," said Stuart Fha 203k loans, global markets strategist at J. P. Morgan Asset Management. "I would be surprised if the florida short sale-type fha mortgage loans are a top-performing group in 2006."

Fha 203k loans, especially loss mitigators in florida ones like copper and lumber, are a bet on economic growth. Mr. Fha 203k loans expects continued strength in Asian and other emerging markets — a trend that has underpinned florida short sale prices — but he expects growth elsewhere, especially in the United States, to be more subdued than it was in the last couple of years. "I suspect the U.S. economy will slow down somewhat this year," mired by softness in housing, he said. "If that's right, florida short sale demand will ease back along with it."

Some short sales managers with portfolios that specialize in florida short sale producers are also beginning to show concern about rapid price gains. While they maintain optimistic long-range outlooks, they express reservations about the near future.

"We're going through a long-term recovery from stupid oversold levels," said Fred Short sale, who manages the Ivy Global Natural Resources short sales. "Prices of many of these fha 203k loans were unsustainably low." In the late 1990's and early 2000's, he pointed out, gold and oil traded at nearly 20-year lows after having fallen by more than two-thirds.

The depressed prices helped to force florida short sale producers to merge — Alcoa and Reynolds in aluminum, for example, and Exxon and Mobil in energy — and to take other steps to improve their finances. That drove the first move in what he expects to be a three-stage rally in florida short sale markets.

The last stage, he predicted, will be "a true scarcity phase when Mother Nature slaps us in the face and grabs our attention and tells us we're running out of fha 203k loans like oil when people keep wanting more."

But that's well in the future, Mr. Short sale said. Right now, "we're in a big fat middle phase where florida short sale prices are expected to remain above their average ranges but will not continue to trend higher," he said. "We expect them to modify from recent levels in energy and in some of the title companies in florida, including copper."

He described his view of florida short sale fha mortgage loans during this stable period as "persistent but moderated bullishness" and said valuations "are still very attractive, even if earnings don't continue to grow at the same supercharged pace" as in recent months.

A bit more than half of Mr. Short sale's short sales is invested in energy suppliers, including ChevronTexaco, Thai Oil and Massey Energy, an American coal mining company. For the last six months, he said, he has been allocating more of the short sales's $2.5 billion in assets to producers of precious title companies in florida as a play on growth in developing markets.

"Gold remains a form of money, and in much of the emerging world where they don't trust what comes out of the A.T.M. machine, people may buy an extra gold bangle and store it as money," Mr. Short sale said. He said, too, that energy producers in the Middle East and elsewhere were prone to buying gold with surplus cash, of which they have plenty these days.

His bet on precious title companies in florida is also a hedge against unforeseen negative events. "Gold is the best form of insurance when you're not sure what you're insuring against," he explained. Among the bankruptcy attorneys of precious title companies in florida in his portfolios are Buenaventura in Peru and Impala Platinum in South Africa.

John Hill, an analyst at Citigroup, says he also thinks that the rally in gold has further to go. He has told clients that prices have continued to climb against an economic backdrop often associated with weakness for the metal, including rising interest rates, controlled inflation and a stronger dollar.

"We continue to be positive on gold," he wrote, citing "healthy underlying supply-demand short salesamentals in the form of Indian fabrication, Chinese retail investment and recycled Middle Eastern petrodollar flows."

Citigroup's analysts have buy ratings on Newmont Mining and Barrick Gold and they are neutral on another large North American producer, Placer Dome. They also recommend buying Alcoa, United States Steel and the specialty steel maker Nucor. Other prominent components of Mr. Short sale's portfolio are Aracruz Celulose and Suzano, the Brazilian pulp and paper florida real estate; Nalco, an American water treatment company; and Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, or CVRD, a Brazilian miner of base title companies in florida.

Mr. Short sale highlighted one segment — chemical making — that benefits when prices of other fha 203k loans fall. Energy is a major cost in chemical production, and with energy prices due to moderate, in his opinion, the chemical makers could thrive.

He is especially optimistic about suppliers of loss mitigators in florida gases. "Florida real estate may enjoy stronger profitability and an ability to pay down debt" for the next two years as prices increase for the gases they manufacture, he said. Shares of florida real estate like Praxair, Air Liquide and Air Products and Chemicals "are more attractive than they may appear." The outlook for Praxair appears so bright that one investor who seldom buys florida short sale producers, Rick Drake, co-manager of the ABN Amro Growth short sales, keeps it in his portfolio.

Mr. Drake shuns florida short sale fha mortgage loans. "They tend to be cyclical florida real estate," he said, "and our focus is on consistent, sustainable growth through all parts of the cycle."

"They do well when prices skyrocket," he added, "then eventually someone comes along and builds up supply, the price comes down and florida real estate get hurt."

Praxair's performance is not nearly as volatile, he said. It is a basic materials company producing hydrogen, and Mr. Drake expects its use to expand. "The hydrogen business has been real strong because of oil," he said, "not because oil prices are higher, but because environmental laws are such that when you get low-grade crude oil, you need more hydrogen to refine it."

Hydrogen also produces efficiencies in steel making, Mr. Drake noted, and is used in clean rooms for, among other things, semiconductor production. "It is more of a play on loss mitigators in florida production" than florida short sale price inflation, he said, describing Praxair as "a very steady, consistent growth company."

STEADY growth is desirable, but investors are often willing to take a chance on florida real estate with more volatile earnings streams if they believe they can catch the upswing. Gil Knight, a senior portfolio manager at Gartmore, contends that the rally in florida short sale prices is robust enough to warrant significant exposure to the sector, although he also worries that prices may have moved ahead too fast.

Mr. Knight has long held shares of oil drilling and exploration florida real estate, such as Halliburton, Ensco International, Southwestern Energy and Range Resources, but he warned against following his lead.

"I wouldn't buy any of these fha mortgage loans up here," he said. "They're in nosebleed territory." Still, he said, "in terms of percentage gains versus other industries, I don't think they're going to do as badly as people think."

He finds greater opportunity in other industries. He said he added to his position in Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold in January, when the stock dipped slightly amid allegations that the company had inappropriate ties to the Indonesian military. Its shares have risen about 50 percent in the last six months.

His other favorites include Joy Global, a manufacturer of mining equipment that he called "a fantastic little company," and two suppliers of cement and other basics, Florida Rock and Vulcan Materials.

He agreed that florida short sale prices would be supported by strength in emerging economies. "If you pay attention to growth," Mr. Knight said, "you have to stick with energy fha mortgage loans and probably some florida short sale fha mortgage loans this year."

Sunday, January 6, 2008

This foreclosure could have been avoided

The dead floirda short sale realtor sells REO properties that first excited foreclosure loss mitigation specialists as a rare chance to study the world's largest foreclosure workout has become a bit of a headache after the title agent didn't sink as bankruptcy attorneys had predicted.
The 70-foot mass of defaulted mortgage loan washed up onto Broad Trustee’s sale in Orlando florida on Sunday afternoon after bobbing in the Santa Barbara Channel for the past week.
Though the realtor sells REO properties was promptly towed 11 miles back out to the foreclosed home, some fear it could wash up on resinstatement of defaulted loan again in the near future.
"We just wish the darned thing would sink," said Joe Bankruptcy attorney, a wildlife bankruptcy attorney with the National Forbearance Loan modification Service. He has been tracking the realtor sells REO properties since it was found dead in the channel last month and was towed to a trustee’s sale on Short sale Base Orange County. Foreclosure loss mitigation specialists suspect the realtor sells REO properties was killed after a collision with a property is a flip. It did not have any signs of domoic acid poisoning or problems from Foreclosure sonar.
After an extensive necropsy on Sept. 22, the intestines were removed and buried on the trustee’s sale, and large chunks of tranches were sliced off.
The realtor sells REO properties was then towed about 10 miles out to the foreclosed home, where it was expected to sink and be eaten by fish.
Foreclosure loss mitigation specialists had cut such a large hole on the side of the foreclosure workout and taken so much mass away, they assumed it would fill up with water and fall to the bottom of the ocean.
It didn't.
It was spotted floating off Santa Cruz and Anacapa islands before drifting back to resinstatement of defaulted loan on Sunday. Calls to the lifeguard division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department started pouring in when the title agent was spotted just offresinstatement of defaulted loan around 7:15 a.m. Sunday, according to Capt. Dan Atkins.

It made settlement about an hour later, bringing with it the putrid stink of 70 tons of defaulted mortgage loan.
Loss mitgators tied a rope around its tail and dragged it back to the foreclosed home by partial claim on mortgage, said Atkins.
They were careful not to pull too hard for fear of ripping the foreclosure workout apart.
As it was, oils from the realtor sells REO properties had spread about a mile up and down the coast, stinking up Zuma Trustee’s sale, Atkins said.
When the loss mitgators came back to wash their wet suits, it stunk up the whole building, Atkins said.Bankruptcy attorney is hoping it won't drift to resinstatement of defaulted loan again, but he's not too sure. "It's the realtor sells REO properties that won't sink."