Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FHA secure in florida can help you refinance

How do you refinance a mortgage in florida that is upside down? Simple. You refinance with the fha secure when the second mortgage subordinates to the fha refinance of the first mortgage.

That is easier for me to say than for the average person to get accomplished. The florida loan officer is able to assist with the fha refanance of an adjustable rate mortgage and ytou may be able to get an fha secure. It is definitely something to look into. The florida fhasecure that is.

Lender in florida for fhasecure.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Your FHA Gift & Grant Awaits

Someone said they were giving away FHA Gift or FHA grnt money. Who wants to check out the fha gift today? Don't forget to explore your fha grant possibilities.

These are fha gifts and fha grants.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Questions about FHA Partial Claim

There was a question about the FHA partial claim on another HUD partial claim questions blog and it was the following:

Question 1: A Loan Modification was completed; the mortgagor then defaults again and has different circumstances; it's been less than 12 months since the Loan Modification was completed; can the mortgagee consider a Partial Claim?

I'll post teh answer to this fha partial claim question in a second. The FHA partial claim information is vital to all fha loan borrrowers to understand how to avoid forelcosure with the fha mortgage loan. Now here is teh answer to the fha partial claim answer or rather the fha partial claim question posted above.

Answer: Yes, if the mortgagor meets the qualifying criteria for usage, the mortgagee can consider using a Partial Claim to assist the mortgagor in avoiding foreclosure. The mortgagee should ensure there is a valid documented reason for the default that meets the criteria reflected in Mortgagee Letter 2003-19, page 6, Paragraph N, Limitations on Use. It is up to the mortgagee to fully document the servicing file with the reason a Partial Claim is needed.

This should help you to understand that fha has a partial claim program and it can indeed assist an fha borrower to avoid foreclosure. I hope this information has helped some fha loan borrowers to avoid foreclosure with the fha mortgage lending program sponsored by HUD.

This is more than the florida foreclosure refinance loan or short sales have to do with other areas in florida with short selling. Take a look at the forbearance plan that was offered to avoid foreclosure last week. You can't explain the fha secure loan in that way yet.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

FHASecure Song

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful FHASecure That started from this tropic port Aboard this tiny FHASecure.
The mate was a mighty FHASecure man, The mortgage brave and sure. Five refinancers set sail that day For a three hour foreclosure, a three hour foreclosure.
The adjustable rate started getting rough, The tiny FHASecure was tossed, If not for the courage of the FHA The mortgage would be lost, the FHA mortgage would be lost.
The FHASecure set ground on the shore of this uncharted title company With FHASecure The FHA too, The mortgage broker and his wife, The Department of HUD The appraiser and Mary FHA Ann, Here on FHASecures Isle.
So this is the talel of the bankruptcy, They're here for a long, long time, They'll have to make the best of things, It's an uphill climb.
The first FHA and the APR too, Will do their very best, To make the others comfortable, In the adjustable interest rate mess.
No phone, no lights no motor cars, Not a single luxury, Like fixed rate mortgage loans, As primative as can be.
So join us here each week my freinds, You're sure to get a smile, From seven stranded FHAs, Here on "FHASecure's Isle."

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Searching FHA CLTV and LTV Guidelines

This is interesting to search for the CLTV guidleines for FHA and if you find the FHA LTV for a second mortgage then stop and wonder about it. Is the FHA limit the highest or is the FHA CLTV limit higher with a second mortgage subordinating?

Subordinate a second mortgage with an FHA loan.

Run the FHA LTV calculation with a subordination agreement.

CLTV = 100% with or without the FHA subordinating second mortgage.

I am confused as to the FHA CLTV limitations with second mortgages.

Does FHA offer a subordination agreement class?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ways to Market as a New Loan Officer

There are many ways to market as a new loan officer. One way is to check out loan officer marketing. Another way is to market a niche as a loan officer in teh mortgage arena with an fha loan for loan officer marketing tools. Mortgage domain names or mortgage web sites can be bought cheap with loan officer marketing.

For instance, a loan officer marketing with the name of Jen could use the domain name http://www.jennsloans.com/ to market her name and the fact that she does mortgage loans. The wbesite for http://www.jennifersloans.com/ could be used in the same way as Jenns domain name but of course the name of the individual would have to be Jennifer. This is an advanced study of loan officer marketing through the interenet or maybe it isn't but either way it can loosely be described as loan officer marketing or loan officer marketing typing jibberish for the sake of saying loan officer marketing one more time.

Check out other loan officer ways to market as a new loan officer. Thank you for marketing with our new loan officers and if you are a new loan officer then don't forget about new loan officer marketing and fha mortgage lending.

Take a quick look at expert loan officer marketing for real estate agents.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Judo Flip of an FHA loan

The judo flip of an fha loan works well against the HUD mortgagee letter as long as you wait ninety-days. The waiting is inherently judo and the fha loans apply with the mortgage loan for the real estate investor. This is an FHA 203b mortgage and can be applied within 180 days with a second appraisal. Discover the possibilities with yoru fha loan flip and you will not be in trouble if you wait for one year's seasoning on an fha loan. Why? Because then it's not a flip of an fha loan.

FHA strategy for Flipping

Real estate investors sell to buyers with an fha end loan and a simoltaneous close is prohibited. This is not what fha was created for and you should not flip a burger let alone and fha loan. I will challenge you to an fha flipping match against a sumo wrestler who flips a judo professional after his fha loan closing that was a flip after 90-days.

FHA Mortgagee Letter on Flipped Properties

Saturday, April 5, 2008

FHA Mortgage Lending Guidelines

I was talking to a friend about fha foreclosures in florida and it dawned on me that I shoudl write this fha mortgage guidleine post. You see the mortgage lien was not satisfied in the foreclosure. Well, maybe I said that wrong. The lien was not released would be a more correct statement. Let me explain how this effects fha lending guidleines.

Interesting post about changes in fha lending guidleines on the FHA mortgage for this year. There are nuances for fha mortgage lending that many don't know regarding fha ltv's and debt to income ratios. I am fascinated by the fha mortgage loan and the changes for fha mortgage guidleines.

Let's examine how FHA mortgage loans and lending for fha change with the new fha guidleines. First, the fha mortgage loan has an ltv restriction that may be higher than the fha guidleines previously stated in the 4155. Next the fha and bankruptcy reviewing a previous foreclosure shoudl be considered. And finally, the fha with a mortgage loan in florida should also be considered carefully.

In conclusion, perhaps you can see that fha is a useful mortagge loan if you know the fha guidleines and even if you don't know the fha guidlines, you can always call someone who is knoweldgeable with fha and they can help you understand the fha guidleines. This may involve an fha subordination with the new fha first mortgage loan. This, however, does not mean you can exceed the fha debt to income ratio without compensating factors. Opinions vary on fha cltv restricions around the net. Your comments on fha financing are irrelevant according to Larry. The Dept of HUD does not think that CLTV is irrelevant when discussing fha mortgage lending limits.

FHA mortgage lenders in florida are available with real estate financing in your area.


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mortgage Florida Quick

You can search for a florida mortgage quick. There are many places to find the mortgage florida and some are in florida. When you eat lunch, log on the floirda computer to check APR on a florida mortgage. Always use a florida lender who is based in florida with fha financing.

Quick mortgage in Osceola florida

There are many other places in florida that offer mortgage loans and search for the florida mortgag carefully. You can finance the florida mortgage in the afternoon on your lunch break. Zillow and mortgage lender will revolutionize the mortgage seearch for correct APR and Reg Z.

Mortgage Lender in Hardee Florida and financing an FHA loan in florida to boot.