Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bay County Florida Real Estate Short Sales

There's been a lot of talk about short sales in bay county florida this weekend. So much so that I decided to venture out from the bay county real estate and have alook at florida short sales. There is such a selection of real estate in bay COunty Florida and some of it includes abandoned homes and mansions in Bay County Florida.

My first impulse was to run out and buy a short sale in Bay County Florida and then I stopped and though about the loss mitigatiomn department at Litton Loan Services. Litton is a distressed loan servicer and they have a ton of short sales available in Bay County FLorida around the Panama City and Panama Beach area in Bay County. Look for the abandoned homes in Panam City real estate and report back on what you find.

Bay County Florida has a lot of short sales and some are abandoned, some are not. That's real estate in the United States of America for you. Take care and if this makes sense then you need to get some sleep.

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