Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Reviewing Credit, Real Estate, Short Sale Blogs Around The Web

Let's take a look around the internet at real estate blogs and their goings-on. It looks like our friend the credit repair guy Larry Linkler is back in business and up to credit repair. Our friend Money Pays The Rent has returned and apparently made up with the landlord and is interested in credit restoration too.

Scientific Housing is promoting the real estate market. While Housing Boom Gone Bust has been telling us all along the real estate market is headed for trouble. Short Stories has the short sale of real estate market covered. And the Florida short sale of real estate is definitely a topic of discussion for ZKt145. Whatever the heck that means in real estate short sales, go figure? There is also short sale of real estate in Orlando Florida at real estate short sale's blog.

That's about it for now. This should be a fairly active real estate blog and check back soon for your short sale daily dose of real estate short sale and foreclosure talk!

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