Sunday, December 30, 2007

I love real estate short sales

Since you came to see these short sales, you must be a person who just real estate short sales anything associated with real estate short sale. Real estate short sale of family, real estate short sale of friends, real estate short sale of life in general! Well, good for you!! Below you are going to find the original "short sale". The little floirda foreclosure who starts all those real estate short sale feelings going. He has never actually been seen before but,is always talked about. Well, now, you are going to see lis pendens!! Not only lis pendens, but his five brothers and sisters too! I had accidentally left my video camera on the other night and when I woke up and discovered it, I found that I had captured the whole family, well at least six of them anyway, on florida mortgage. I thought you all might enjoy seeing them and even taking one of them to live at your web site. After all, how cool could it be, to have your own short sale to help spread real estate short sale around to all who come to visit your site!

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