Sunday, February 24, 2008

John Mccain and Mortgage Brokers

I was curious if John Mccain was interested in helping teh mortgage market. Maybe John Mccain knows a mortgage broker or has a family member that is a mortgage broker. Has anyone asked John Mccain if he considers that some mortgage brokers are also realtors.

These are just a few things that I was considering today. I thought you would want to know about this.

Mortgage Brokers who have assumable mortgages can vote for John Mccain

Larry Linkler votes for John Mccain as long as he has a Florida short sale in process with the mortgage broker in Florida.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Running Around in Circles With My Short Sale

You may like to run around in circles with a short sale. This is not a fine idea for the short sale in florida. In time the circle will be a short sale mess and end in foreclosure. There are many bankrupt short sal real estate agents in foreclosed homes for rental anomonalies.

Make the foreclosured mortgage payment with a credit repair loan modification adding the past due balance to the forbearance agreement. This is a foreclosure waiting to happen after the short sale goes bad. Take a moment to consider the florida second mortgage with Litton loan Services. Litton will accept $2500 for a second lien that is upside down.

You are not sure why Larry Linkler types about the short sale on the bankrupt debt settelment. I am looking into Larry and his foreclosure that is a short sale with Litton loan services. The FHA mortgage loan is one solution to the foreclosure that is almost a short sale. Look at the short sale one more time considering all of this and get back to Larry Linkler about your home loan. this is not an FHA problem solely in florida.

Short Sales can be found in loss mitigation and you can speed up the process with a buyers offer that is at least favorable to the Litton loan Services loss mitigator. Larry Linlkler works for Litton Loan Services.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Redundant Short Sale

The redundant short sale is someone who says short sale and short sale over and over again. This is only helpful if you are looking for the short sale cake that the baker at the short salery has made for the short sale customer.

this is not to be confused with a foreclosure avoidance like a deed in lieu of foreclosure although you may want to do a florida short sale once you talk to the loss mitigator.

Florida short sale and loss mitigation.