Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida Liens Gone! Do Your Short Sale in Peace!

I just wanted to report back about the florida lien problem we had doing a short sale. It is now ALL CLEARED UP!!! The lien can be removed from florida property if it is homeseteaded and you write a lien removal letter in florida. I even have a link to the florida leine removal letter.

Ths will help the short sale when the judgment is clouding title. The florida liens are all gone and now the homeowenr can avoid foreclosure in peace.

Remove florida liens from homestead property today!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Your FHA Mortgage FICO Score is LOW!

I was reading something about the lowest possible credit score for FHA and it made me wonder just how low of a FICO score you can have and get an FHA loan? The bankruptcy or foreclosure may lower your fha fico score some and how low can the fico go?

You can learn about fha and credit scores here and there are many other places for mortgage lenders to check your Equifax Beacon. If the Trans Union score is low, then you know where to go. Hey thats a credit score rhyme!

Try not to have a low credit score for FHA.